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After researching all national bond providers and UK Premium Bond options its clear to see saving the conventional way over companies like Scottish Friendly brings in much better financial gains.
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Scottish Friendly, one of the UK's leading friendly societies provides savings plans that allow customers to
make the most of their tax-free allowances. Scottish Friendly prides itself on maintaining some of the lowest
renewal costs of life companies in the UK and aims to deliver value to its members.





- Invest savings over 10 years -
- Save tax-free - no income tax or capital gains tax to pay -
The Government lets people invest up to £25 a month
tax-free with a friendly society, even if they already
have an ISA.

Save £25 a month to build a cash sum for any child
Invest for long-term growth over 10 years or more
Save tax-free

- no income tax or capital gains tax to pay -

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Save for your young - Premium Bonds UK

Our Customers can save for a rainy day via our Scottish
Bond or start building for their child's future

 The Child Bond isn't just for parents to invest in. Whether
the savers are a Grandparent or an Auntie, they can take
out a Child Bond for any child they care about.


Tax Free Savings - Premium Bonds UK

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